Two new scorpion species from Greece

In a paper published in the special issue of the journal Ecologica Montenegrina on 10 January 2017, scientists lead by Gioele Tropea described two new scorpion species of the genus Euscoprpis from  the Cyclades Islands. The genus Euscorpius widespread especially in southern Europe and Anatolia, is one of the most studied scorpion taxa. In this paper two new species were described, i.e. E. amorgensis from Amorgos Island and E. curcici named after the late Serbian zoologist and arachnologist Prof. Dr. Božidar Ćurčić, from Ios and Sikinos Islands.

“In addition to describing the first scorpion named after the late Bozidar Curcic who inspired me as far back as 1972, it deals with  the Crimean scorpion – I know and write about it for 40 years, but its recent discovery (with a DNA match) in Greece and then in Turkey remains one of the most interesting results our research group obtained for a long time“ says one of the coauthors Victor Fet from Department of Biological Sciences, Marshall University.